Hello Newgrounds?

2015-04-09 14:33:07 by xlonenobodyx

So... Not really sure what to say here.

Don't get me wrong I've been a long time lurking face to Newgrounds ever since I was a wee tike in grade school booties. However now  that I'm older I find it much like treading familiar territory that feels new again. Suppose that's what happens when the interest sort of wavers over the years. Never the less I've come back to the land of infinitely amazing (and sometimes questionable in the best way) content. Glad to see the progress it's made in those years I've been away.

With this new account I hope to be a little more active. We'll see what comes of it. Here's hoping.

Glad to be back Newgrounds and seeing you in shining glory.

Cheers All

- Axis Genesis
(The Loneliest of Nobodies? Nah.)